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MTA:VC 0.1

Multi Theft Auto for Grand Theft Auto Vice City did not exist until MTA 0.2 and later

MTA:VC 0.2

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MTA:VC 0.2.1

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MTA:VC 0.2.2

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MTA Blue 0.1

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MTA:VC 0.3

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MTA:VC 0.3.1

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MTA:VC 0.3.2

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MTA:VC 0.4

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MTA:VC 0.4.1

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MTA:VC 0.5

Server Admins: Ensure you have downloaded and installed Patch 1 available here[1].

Linux servers have a default MOTD set
Change the URL or remove it when you first run the server

Linux servers have a default admin password set
Change the password before you first run the server

In-game MOTDs appear as nonsense
We noticed this during testing but it wasn't fixed. This may be fixed in a future release. In the meantime, disable the MOTD by changing your mtaserver.conf (server admins) and use the rich MOTD instead.

Australian and German EXE's (and possibly others) may produce an "invalid executable" error when you try to start a game
As Australian and German EXE's don't work reliably with MTA, this shouldn't be a huge problem. Try to obtain a standard EXE. A conversion patch for the Vice City 1.1 executable is also available here[2].

The in-game help says the game is MTA 0.4, when it clearly is MTA 0.5
This is a known typo and will be taken care of for future releases.

Sometimes the URL of the Rich MOTD is appended to the server name when it appears in the client Fixed in server patch 1
This is caused by server names that are greater than 49 characters in length. Please try to keep them less than this to avoid this happening.

Server's memory usage increases very quickly Fixed in server patch 1
We've fixed the memory leak that was causing this in an unreleased update, but at this time it is not available to the general public. It may become available in the future unless we decide to completely rewrite the server application instead.

Crash when GTA:VC is loading
Make sure you run GTA:VC at least once in Single Player without MTA before actually running it with MTA.

Freeze when client tries to display dialog asking for game path
There have been a couple of occurrences of this, and we'd be interested to see why this is. You can avoid it by manually setting the path in the mta.ini in your game folder (not windows folder anymore). If you have this problem, please create a system info profile (Start -> Run -> "systeminfo > C:\sysinfo.txt") (no quotes) then email me the file sysinfo.txt on your C: drive to eAi. (His email address is eAi[at]opencoding[dot]net).

For GTA: Vice City, your mta.ini should contain (replace the path if necessary):

Location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe

Game times out
We're not sure exactly what causes this, but we've seen that lots of people timeout when they try to connect. Generally, just attempting again, or trying another server fixes this. Another thing to look into. Note: It seems that if a server name is set too high, then clients and administrators cannot connect to the server, (even though it starts correctly).

Crash on client startup
This might be causes by being unable to download the welcome message. This should only happen if the MTA site is down, or you aren't connected to the internet. If this is the case, it should try to download it for about 15 seconds before it gives the crash. It might be possible to fix this by adding "DontGetLatest=1" on the second line of your "mta.ini" in your MTA folder (under "[Main]"). Alternatively, try creating a blank file called "mtaclientwelcome.dat" in your MTA folder - this is probably only relevant if this is the first time you've run the MTA 0.5 client.
We've managed to replicate, confirm and fix this bug in an unreleased version, but it may be awhile until we release it unless we decide to rewrite the client instead. In the meantime, ensure MTAClient.exe can access the internet through your firewall, or for on a LAN you can change the above-mentioned value in mta.ini.

XFire crashes game during loading
Both XFire and MTA use similar methods for integrating themselves into the game. We've contacted XFire to offer our support for them in implementing it, so that it works, but they haven't responded back. If you wish to use XFire in MTA, contact XFire. In the meantime, disable XFire before you play.

MTA says you have a trainer but you don't
Try closing every other open window first. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling MTA 0.5 again. It has also been reported that changing game version from 1.0 to 1.1 can fix this, though we're not sure why at this time. It has been reported that "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" can set off this error. We advise that you close "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" if you wish to play MTA 0.5. If you try to spawn as a Crusader twice, you get disconnected for trainer usage as well. This can also happen if a program in your computer's memory is using a specific keyword, such as blood or hack, but it is not limited to just these two terms. Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista and Windows 7 may also trigger this.

You join a server and are told you are banned, even though you aren't in the ban list
We're not sure what causes this. Of course, you may be banned by an over-general ban in the server's ban list.

Attempting to connect to a server with Admin enabled and Admin + disabled, using admin+ causes the server to crash
This has been fixed in the Server Patch 1. (Remember to change the password for admin+ and admin from their defaults.)

MTA:mA times out when you try to connect to a server Fixed in server patch 1
This is a bug in mIRC. We've fixed the issue that was triggering the bug in mIRC and we may release the fix in a future server update. If the scripts send multiple messages to the player when they join, it is highly likely to time them out as well. Try limiting your scripts if this occurs. For now a possible fix is available for MTA:mA's script-related issues here[3]. Please follow Aeron's instructions regarding its use.

Your server doesn't appear in the server list, or appears as "unscanned"
Ensure that you have the correct port open for ASE to query through. This should be your server port plus 123. For example, with the default port of 2003, port 2126 should be open. This is UDP. Please note: The All-Seeing Eye server browser is no longer operational or existent. You may still use Game-Monitor as an alternative on their website, but at this time there is no working in-client server browser.

You receive the error "ERROR: The ServerName, ServerPort, GameMap, GameHour, GameMins, Weather and BannedFile MUST be specified in the configuration file" when you run your server, and all fields are filled in Only under Server Patch 1
Ensure that your server name is 49 characters or less. This is a misleading error and may be fixed in a future version.

Client crashes when you join a server
This crash may be caused by the client trying to download the rich text MOTD specified by the server and failing (e.g. the site its trying to get it from is down, or the URL is invalid). If this happens, the client will crash. This was fixed in an unreleased version and may be fixed in a future release.

You have quite a few files on your computer called mtachat.txt
MTAchat.txt, as you probably guessed stores a chat log. This feature was added at the last moment and not properly tested. Consequently, this problem has occurred. This is probably due to how the client has been launched (the start path determines where it saves the chat, not the install path). We'll try to fix it in a future client version if we can. In the meantime, feel free to delete any files you don't want. It won't hurt anything to do so.

You receive an error "System Error &H80070583 (-2147023485)" (or similar) when running the server config tool (or clicking "Setup Server" in the client)
This can be fixed by deleting the file called "MTAServerConfigTool.exe.manifest" in your Multi Theft Auto install folder.

Upon hitting Start Game the client informs you your CLIENT is modified
This is an error with the way we temporarily replace some of the games files. When you install take a back up of both weapon.dat and weapon.mta from the "C:\Program Files\RockStar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\" directory and put them somewhere safe. If you get this error close the client, REPLACE both files and retry. This can also occur if you are using any form of game or file mods, or at random. If you know there is absolutely no reason for this occur, try clicking Start Game again anyway. Sometimes it is a bug that goes away on the second attempt. We don't know why at this time but we will try to fix it in a future release if we can.

An error appears that begins with "<font face="Arial" size=2>"
This means that an error has occurred, but the error reporter system is overloaded and can't send the error report. Just click the button and ignore it.

When playing GTA:VC you receive an "Invalid Executable" error
This is probably because you are using GTA:VC version 1.0 instead of 1.1. You can get the GTA:VC 1.1 patch here[4]. If this doesn't work, or you already have GTA:VC 1.1, check you have the USA/UK exe. If not, try to obtain one. This error can also be caused by mods, or at random, just as described above with the "upon hitting Start Game the client informs you your CLIENT is modified" bug, and similar workarounds may or may not also solve it.

Your virus scanner informs you that the Multi Theft Auto 0.5 executable is a virus or malware
MTA does not contain any viruses, malware, adware or spyware. If your virus scanner informs you that it is infected, either you have a virus on your computer that is infecting your files, or one of our mirrors has been infected with a virus or your virus scanner is making a mistake. Note: Multiple antivirus programs have been known to make this mistake now. It is a somewhat new bug and our attempts to contact the larger antivirus companies regarding this have been unsuccessful. To workaround this, add your Multi Theft Auto executable and any MTA installers you have saved as scan exceptions in your scanner. Also, ensure you only download from this site. This link[5] is hosted by our webhost. Use this if you doubt the validity of your copy of MTA. The main reason behind the false positives issue is because MTA injects information into GTA's game memory in a similar way that a virus would inject information into an Operating System. Because of this, it is flagged as a potential virus for the way it acts. MTA is in fact harmless and is not a virus.

You get a crash at the address 652f30 when starting the game
This is caused by having the incorrect GXT file. To fix this, copy all the gxt files from the "C:\Program Files\RockStar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\TEXT\" folder except the "american.gxt" into the "C:\Program Files\RockStar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\MTA\" folder. You should also ensure your game language is set to English.

I cannot speak in the game at all or users do not see what I am saying
Try adding MTA as an exception in Data Execution Prevention. Also, when running MTA, make sure you run it as an administrator. Some users have also reported restarting the client a few times or restart their computer may help, although it is unknown why.

MTA 0.5.x Server Exploit Bug

The bug involves an admin exploit that can be used by a malicious user to gain access to the "Set MOTD" administration command, that is used to modify the MOTD.txt (Message Of The Day) file. The exploit can then be used to crash the dedicated server. The affected platform is Microsoft Windows. The bug still exists on all other platforms, but is currently not exploitable. We strongly recommend anyone running a dedicated server to apply the temporary fix. To fix this exploit, the "motd.txt" file, located in the server directory, will have to be set to read-only. Deleting motd.txt will not fix the problem. Please follow the steps for your server platform. This may be fixed by default in a future release.

Microsoft Windows
Change the "motd.txt" file attributes to Read-only.

1. Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to your server directory
2. Right click on motd.txt and select Properties
3. Under Attributes, make sure the Read-only box is ticked
4. Click Ok

*Nix Platforms
Chmod your "motd.txt" file to 444, read-only mode.

1. Cd /path/to/your/server/directory
2. Chmod 444 motd.txt

I am using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Do I need to do anything special?
Some users have experienced issues under Windows Vista and Windows 7 when trying to run MTA, however, there are some fixes! Make sure to add MTA as an exception in Data Execution Prevention. Also, when running MTA, make sure you run it as an administrator only.

MTA:VC 0.5.1

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MTA:VC 0.5.5

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MTA:VC 0.6

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