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This information was gathered in collaboration with the Calademy Reference Memory Addresses Wiki.


Description Address Data type Notes
Player 0x6FB1C8 CPed



Description Offset Data type Notes
m_pHandling 0x128 Void
m_bAnimationId 0x15B Byte
m_dwAnimationTime 0x15C Dword
m_bCarColorId 0x19C 2 bytes
m_bExtra 0x19E 2 bytes
m_pDriver 0x1A4 CPed
m_pPassenger 0x1A8 CPed [8]
m_bNumPassengers 0x1C8 Byte
m_bNumMaxPassengers 0x1CC Byte
m_pCarFire 0x1E4 CFire
m_fGasPedal 0x1EC Float
m_fBreakPedal 0x1F0 Float
m_bLawEnforcerState 0x1F5 Byte
m_fHealth 0x200 Float
m_bCarHornTimer 0x22C Byte
m_bSirenOrAlarm 0x22E Byte
m_fSteering 0x280 Float
m_dwVehicleType 0x284 Dword



Description Address Data type Notes
Set money 0x941554 Long
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